Purpose and Mission

Purpose Statement: The purpose of North Bay Community Church is to LEAD people into a LOVE relationship with God and each other that GROWS in depth and empowers them to GO and serve their families, neighbors, and communities.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to glorify God by multiplying fully committed disicples of Jesus who impact their city and world Christ. In essence, our Church's mission is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

One way we seek to live on mission is by being a church of Solid Teaching and Solid Expression of our faith in God.

Solid Teaching: We teach only from the Bible, God's Holy Word, which is the foundation of everything we believe and the Book on which we aim to fashion our lives.
  • Transforming TruthWhen we allow God's truth to penetrate into our hearts, He begins to transform our thinking and actions, actually transplanting the roots of our lives into His stream of life so that our priorities and values reflect His.
  • DiscipleshipGod calls us to share the grace and goodness from Him that we have personally experienced in our lives so that others may also have the joy of knowing God.
Solid Expression: In all the ways we express our faith, we want our attitudes and behavior to be based on biblical truth and shine with the light of Christ.  This especially extends to the areas of worship, outreach, giving, serving and mission.
  • WorshipTrue worship is to live in obedience to God.  Our musical praise during our service is "worship," but we want both our lives and our corporate praise to be pleasing to the heart of God.
  • OutreachHowever we strive to impact the community around us, we want our efforts to be motivated by the Great Commission (Matt 28:16-20) and to be based on the love and grace we ourselves have received from the Lord.
  • GivingAs we cheerfully share our financial resources to God's work here at North Bay, we are acknowledging that God is the Provider of every good gift.  All we have belongs to Him, and our offerings are a way of celebrating His goodness to us.
  • ServingThe same attitude guides our service to the Lord.  We are thankful for the way He blesses the body of Christ with various talents and abilities. It brings us joy to serve one another and, ultimately, to serve the God who first loved us. 
  • MissionWe believe our mission field is everywhere God has placed each one of us outside of these church walls. North Bay is where we as a church gather together to praise God, encourage one another, and to grow in our faith. Our mission to make disciples of all nations takes us to the people around us - in our homes, workplaces, schools and neighborhoods - with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.