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Learn Chess!

Bob DuBois will be offering free chess instruction for all ages at the church on
Sunday afternoons (1:00 – 2:00 pm) for ten weeks beginning on February 19th.
Please contact Bob if you or your children are interested (715.817.2631)


Why Learn How to Play Chess?

Chess is a game of strategy, but it is also brain food, a relationship builder, and a
great educational tool! Introducing chess to people of all ages offers many social
and cognitive benefits, especially to youth, including the following:

  • Better analytical thinking – IQ scores can be raised for both girls and boys.
  • Learning to win (and lose) gracefully – See more at:
  • Improved critical problem-solving skills – spatial skills, especially, may be enhanced.
  • Learning to think before acting (that impulsive actions can lead to undesirable
    consequences) – abilities for planning, judgment, and self-control are improved.
  • Developing increased self-esteem through earned accomplishments
  • Becoming more motivated to learn
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved memory and concentration

About the Instructor

Bob DuBois is a retired research scientist and environmental educator who has enjoyed playing chess
and teaching others about the game for about 50 years. He played in many over-the-board
tournaments in the early 1970s and in numerous correspondence (postal) chess tournaments after
that, at which time he had an expert rating. In the early 2000’s he organized and coached a chess club
at Lakeview Christian Academy in Duluth that grew into a competitive interscholastic chess team
(elementary grade students through high school). Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree from
Cornell University and a Master of Science in Education (Instruction emphasis) from UW – Superior.

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