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At North Bay, we are privileged to partner with various ministries and members of our church body on mission around the world. Recently, we received some updates from a few of our missionaries. Please join us in praying for them and for the work they are doing to further God’s kingdom for His glory!

Mike & Tracy Burr

Mike and Tracy Burr at Action International

Praise Reports:

1. We have completed our fifth week of our feeding program. We have an average of 40 kids attending and many moms
stay to help serve and clean up. The location is called Tolentino East.
2. We began a Bible study (Monday afternoon) with some of the parents from the feeding program.
3. We found a location near the feeding program for an office. The office will be used for Bible studies, livelihood projects,
and cooking for the feeding program.

Prayer Requests:

1. For me (Michael), I was diagnosed with a hernia and need surgery.
2. For for the kids at the feeding program. They come from very poor backgrounds, some from divided families, and some
from abusive situations.
3. For the four other outreaches (Francisco, Tapat, Dahilig, and Mendez) for spiritual growth and personal life


Charise Millsop

Charise Millsop with Hope Evangelical Church

“Greetings from Kenya. We hope the Christmas and the New Years season was good to you and your families.

We have had many challenges, but even more opportunities, and we feel that we are under the Lord’s protection. We are very excited to get these next ministry steps right. Our Base Build, Street BoyZ, elder care, agriculture/animal projects will be our main focus. We are happy to share fruits of your financial giving, prayers, and personal support. Lives are being changed and their futures are being set looking towards Jesus. The students have joined in Bible study and prayer. The relationships are growing and they are seeing what a tangible relationship with Jesus looks like.”

Prayer Requests:

“Here are some of the fruits & needs;

  • Allan – living on his land, farming and also attending school for masonry/agricultural studies. Sponsored 100% by Robins Nest!!
  • Martha – graduated and waiting to go to school. She would like to study business and sewing. To be updated (TBU) on grant.
  • Rita -finished degree in medical records and book keeping. She would like help with her grandmother’s house to be re-built. The cost is about $3000. Rita, her son Wisdom (6), and her grandmother share a two room mud house. The side wall has fallen. This project needs a sponsor.
  • Yvonne – graduated high school and would like to go to college. Needs financial help. We are currently looking for a government school and grant. TBU
  • Phillip- looking to go to a tech school for skills transfer. He tried to go back to high school after being out of school two years. It didn’t work out well, but he is determined to learn so he can break the cycle of poverty in his family. He is interested in plumbing. TBU
  • Micheal -needs to be looking at tech school. He is interested in agriculture and masonry. TBU
  • Diane’s Dreams & Cuddles needs supplies. Sponsor of $20 each. We give a blanket, cap, booties, and the $20 supplies, diapers, and food to the moms.
  • Hope KidZ – ongoing events & Sunday school
  • Street BoyZ – events are request made every three months, and our weekly food is $25 a month.
  • *NEW* Elder care – $20 month sponsored. We bring food and medical care to the elderly widows and abandoned vulnerable aged. We also assess their homes for repairs. If needed we send special requests.
  • Base Build – we have purchased some land. We are raising funds to build. The cost of the build is $25,949. (This includes: our home, security wall, KidZ Community Center, transition house, chicken, goat, and cow enclosure).

Agriculture projects:

The Wafula family is now self sustaining in maize and beans. They would like to add a new beehive to supplement their income with honey. The cost is $45.

The Wekesa family was a new half plant. The insects hit hard so they will be using a higher concentration of rabbit urine and cinnamon to combat the bugs this year. We hope for them to be able to have enough seed for April’s new planting season coming soon. The goats Gracie and Bumper are now residing here. TBU

We want to thank you for supporting, and praying for us and standing along side of all of us here in Kenya.

May the Lord keep you and bless you.”

Elvis & Charise


If you have questions or would like to support these ministries, please visit our Missionaries & Partners page to find contact information for the Burrs and Charise!

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