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All current and interested ministry leaders at North Bay are invited to join us for a time of training and vision immediately following our worship service, Sunday, February 19th.

Leaders in the church have a high calling, to partner with the Holy Sprit in order to help God’s people take the next step of faith in their life. But so often our confusion about what the church is prevents us from growing or taking the next step. Without realizing it, cultural or worldly understandings of the church can creep into our thinking, and lead us to relate to the church in ways taht suffocate our growth and hinder our disciple making mission.

In this training time, Pastor Darin will unmask a few common cultural metaphors, that people unwittingly use when they think about the church. And then we will explore three Biblical metaphors of the church (the church as a body, the church as a bride, and the church as a building). The bibles description of the church is radically different when compared to how we relate to any other institution. And when we embrace God’s design for the church, not only will the church grow, but so will we.

Please RSVP for this training by emailing Mary Willie: [email protected]


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