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Trunk or Treat 2021!

This Fall at North Bay Community Church, on Sunday October 31st from 3:00 – 6:00pm we will be having our first ever Trunk or Treat!

Interested!!?? Here’s what you need to know.

  • What should I expect? FUN!! This is your chance to be part of  turning a day known for mischief into day known for miracles!! Kids of all ages and families are all welcomed. This will happen in the church parking lot and there will be various vehicles and truck beds decorated with a Bible story that can be easily understood by adults, teens, and young children. Different treats and snacks will be handed out. Each “trunk” will be a bit different, but a typical handout could include candy, a cookie, stickers, coloring sheets, tattoos, etc. There will also be warm drinks provided, face painting and more!
  • Who is allowed to come? ANYONE! This event is open to anyone in the community. Invite your friend. Invite your neighbor. Invite your second cousin twice removed! In other words, invite anyone! So mark your calendar, invite a friend and plan to come!

Interested in Decorating Your Car?

Trunk or Treats happen all over the Nation around Halloween. What is different about this Trunk or Treat is that each trunk will have a Biblical theme or story woven into the decorations. Here are some examples!


If you are part of North Bay Community Church and you would like to decorate the trunk of your car or truck, then here is what you need to know.

  • Will there be treats & activities? Please include the Bible verses of where to find the story, and use only store bought pre-packaged food.
  • Do I have to dress in character? No, but please feel free to do that!
  • How will I know someone won’t have the same Bible story as me? The contact lead will have a list of all themes/stories to make sure there are not any duplicate trunks.
  • Can I team up with other people? Yes! Please make sure to tell the contact lead who is on your trunk team.
  • Can I play music? Yes! We will have music playing at the cider and popcorn stand and at the face painting stand as well.
  • What about bringing my pets? Sorry! For the health and safety of others please leave your furry (and scaly!) buddies at home.
  • What do I do if there is conflict/disrespect during the event? Pray and give them God’s grace!! Then please find the contact lead to help the guest vacate the event.
  • What if someone gets hurt or sick? The contact lead will have a first aid kit, masks, hand sanitizer and wipes available. Please use common sense and make sure your trunk is SAFE and sanitary!
  • Does my trunk need to be approved before I set it up? No.
  • Okay… I think I got it. But how do I decorate a trunk?!? Great question! It’s time to get your creative juices flowing. You can be as minimal or extravagant as you want- just make sure your trunk is safe and clean!
  • Here are some great starting points for your trunk:
    • Games: Create a quick and easy game that the child can participate in outside of your trunk (have red curtains they can part with a fishing pole for parting the red sea, etc).
    • Story: Please prepare a quick two minute (or less) story you can share based on your trunk.
    • Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Walmart: These are all great stores to gather some craft supplies for your trunk. Props, decorations, stuffed animals- any sort of visual aid will help bring your story to life and create a memory for a young child that they will take with them.
    •,, google: These are great places to find Biblical themed tattoos, coloring pages, story print outs, candy, and ideas for your trunk.
    • Volunteer Leader: Please contact Lauren Massengill for any further questions or concerns: [email protected] – 218-591-4884
  • How do I register and sign-up for a spot? Scroll down on this page to the next section and fill out the registration form!


Trunk or Treat Car Registration Form

Trunk or Treat - Car Registration Form - 2021

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