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Vacation Bible School at North Bay

Prepare yourself for a fun and faith filled experience for you and your kids at North Bay Community Church in Superior, WI!

This Summer (2023), starting Monday, August 7th and running through Friday, August 11th, North Bay Community Church will be hosting our annual Vacation Bible School. Each day will begin at 9:00am and finish at Noon.

  • VBS is open to all kids who have completed kindergarten through 5th grade. Children who have not completed kindergarten must be accompanied by an adult.
  • There is a light snack provided each day.
  • Questions? Please call, 715-398-6308 (Church Office Phone), or, email our church office admin at [email protected].

There is a reason that stories about King’s & Queens, good vs. evil, and battles against dragons continue to speak to us. Deep down we know we are part of a sweeping spiritual battle, something bigger than ourselves. This year we will be helping our children understand the true story that is behind all of this other stories. We will teach our kids how to be “Keepers of the Kingdom,” teaching them about the spiritual battle we all find ourselves, helping them discern truth from error, and strengthening them to stand in the faith.

This is a FREE event open to all kids!

Please make sure to claim your spot today by completing the online registration form found below and then hitting “submit.” Please make every effort to submit your registration form before the July 31st deadline. This will ensure we have a spot saved for your child, as well as help us better prepare.

Still not convinced!? Take a look at this promotional video to learn more!


Five Day Schedule

Here is a brief snapshot of what our 5 day schedule will look like & the topics that will be covered. Each day will start at 9:00am and end at Noon.

DAY 1 – MONDAY (August 7th)

  • Absolute Truth
  • Horses
  • Jesus as Creator
  • Kingdom of God
  • Receiving the Kingdom as a Child
  • Weapons for Spiritual Battle

DAY 2 – TUESDAY (August 8th)

  • Accuracy of Scripture
  • Arctic Fox
  • Belt of Truth& Biblical Worldview
  • Fennec Fox
  • Inerrancy of Scripture
  • Jesus as Lord/Savior
  • Jesus as King of Truth
  • Jesus as Creator
  • Veracity of Scripture

DAY 3 – WEDNESDAY (August 9th)

  • Did Dragons Exist?
  • Dragons: Fact or Fable?
  • Judging/Tolerance
  • Why Christians Do Good

DAY 4 – THURSDAY (August 10th)

  • Equipping Kids
  • Ironclad Beetle
  • Teaching Kids Discernment

DAY 5 – FRIDAY (August 11th)

  • Importance of Biblical Literacy
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Prayer
  • Scripture Memorization

Child Online Registration Form - North Bay Community Church - Summer 2023

Child(ren) Registration Information:

NOTE: VBS is open to any child who has completed kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Parent/Guardian Registration Information:

Emergency Release:

I have been informed of the activities related to my child's VBS registration at North Bay Community Church (Superior, WI) and herby give consent for my child to participate in these events and for pictures to be taken and/or posted on North Bay's website, Facebook, YouTube and/or Instagram pages. I recognize that there are inherent risks in any activity, and recognizing that staff (and volunteers) will make every reasonable effort to provide for the safety of the children/students, I agree to hold harmless all staff and volunteers affiliated with this programing. In the event of minor injury, I give consent for staff or volunteers to administer basic first-aid. Further, in the event of emergency, I provide authorization for 911 to be contacted and for administration of emergency care in my absence. I understand that as the parent/guardian, I/we will be notified as soon as possible of the circumstances and steps taken in the emergency. This registration form is considered good for 12 months from date signed, unless additional written notice is provided. By submitting this online registration form, I confirm my consent to everything contained in this registration form.


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