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At the heart of the Christian faith is a God who gave (John 3:16). Jesus Himself, by virtue of His incarnation and death on the cross, became poor so that we could receive grace (2 Corinthians 8:9). Unless we forgot, Jesus explicitly taught that being His disciple involves a lifestyle of giving and generosity (Acts 20:35).

In light of the Bible’s teaching on giving, we at North Bay have strived to do our best to make giving an enjoyable experience. In our technological world, online giving has become the norm, though not the only way to give. In order to help facilitate this, North Bay has used easyTithe as our online giving option. Suffice it to say, easyTithe is costing the church thousands of dollars every year in various fee’s.

In our current fiscal year, we have already paid over $3,000 dollars in processing fee’s!

That is why we as a church are moving to a new online giving platform called RebelGive. This new platform only cost’s the church a small monthly fee. This new platform makes it easy to give via Credit Card or directly from your Bank.

A New Way to Give Online at North Bay

Watch this video to learn about what makes RebelGive a great options for Churches.

There will always be some fee required in order to give via Credit Card, this new platform does away with most fee’s, but for the small remaining fee givers are encouraged (though not required) to offset the fee by grossing up their gift a few dollars to cover the difference. Please know that this offset is already built into RebelGive, and is explained when you give.

In addition to our Online Giving Page you will now see the RebelGive icon located at the bottom right corner of every page on our website. This will make it easy to participate in giving and quickly find the giving link when you need it.

Here is an example of what this will look like on our website.

For people who like the ease of online giving, RebelGive is a big improvement!

Over the next month or so, we will have both online platforms up and running to give online givers the time they need to switch over to the new platform.

Action Steps for Current Online Givers

In light of all of this, if you give online to North Bay here are a few next steps that you need to be taking.

  • Transition your online giving to RebelGive (the church logo will appear).
  • Consider giving via Bank Transfer or by check, to avoid all fee’s entirely (RebelGive also provides an easy to use Bank/Check giving option).
  • Once you have giving set-up on RebelGive, make sure to cancel any automatic giving you have set-up on our old platform (easyTithe). In order to do this, you will see two buttons on easyTithe called “GIVE NOW” and “SIGN IN.” Click “SIGN IN” in order to get access to your account and cancel automatic giving.
  • Use this LINK in order to learn more about how RebelGive works.

As your pastor, every week I am blown away by your generosity and love for this church. We will continue to do our best to remind our regular attenders about this change, and help make this transition go smooth. Please reach out to our office administrator Mary Willie ([email protected]) if you have any questions about the logistics of this change.


Pastor Darin

About the Author: Darin Lund

Darin is the husband to Anna and father to three high octane toddler boys. He loves Reformed Theology, Apologetics, the outdoors and received his MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity school. He has been the pastor of North Bay since the summer of 2021 and he is passionate about connecting the gospel of Jesus Christ to all of life.

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